The Attitude are

Andrew - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; Larry - Solo Guitar; Ricky - Bass; Bruce - Drums.


We put on suits. Not because it looks good or is a necessity, we just like the idea of using our enemy's weapon against them. And when they least expect it - we unleash a furious hurricane of rock. We are four brothers whose father is Rock'N'Roll. Inseparable. Together we dream and encourage each other. Failure does not threaten us and we will not stop rocking until we rock the world.


Even though we got together only a year ago during this time we performed in the "Rock‘N‘Rose" festival in the Czech Republic; won the "Summer Sound" award in the finals of "Sound Division Rock Battle" in Riga, because of which we are invited to perform in the "Summer Sound" festival; we have a shot at performing at the London "O2" arena if we win the finals in a competition in "Summer Sound"; we were the winners of "Metro Rock Battle 2011" in Vilnius; we have played in front of thousands of people during the "European Basketball Championship" in Kaunas; were the finalists of "BIX Rock Battle" in Vilnius; we have played loads of shows in many Lithuanian cities. Meanwhile we have only two demo recordings, but in the near future we are planning to record an EP album in "Sound Division Studios", where we have won a free recording session.
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