The Inevitable Daydream

The The Inevitable Daydream are

Jack Higham - Guitar/Vocals Abi Prendergast-Guitar Connor Lang - Bass Tim Moffett-Drums
Sevenoaks Kent
Psychedelic/Shoegaze/Jangle pop/


Among the many bands blasting out genric covers there are a few gems which show great homage to these bands and is reflected in the music. It still feels like there is something lacking, that there is no real creativity or anything outrightly different enough. Writing catchy indie tunes is one thing, but the Inevitable Daydream want to make your ears bleed and change the way people think about life as boring sodding teenagers into something more altogether transcendent. From ear shattering Shoegaze, to bruising, stooges inspired punk to cooled Beatles catchy popiness,we want to bring back the sounds from 80's/90's Alternative like Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized and fuse it with the modern likes of Tame Impala and Yuck, also taking guitar influence from the likes of Television and My Bloody Valentine. We are the Daydream. Let the revolution fucking begin.


Our lead singer jack has a stutter and uses it to pick up hot indie chicks he also is allergic to cats.What a stud.We tried to imply that we spent 5 minutes writing this application and don't really care when in reality we spent long,wet,sweating hours planning it.


Arrogance is a product of superiority
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