This is the section where we let you know what artists to check out that have been reommended by the bands themselves.

Spotlight Kid

Kappa Gamma

I Am Lono    Grey Hairs

Man Without Country

MS MR    Roxymore,    Deptford Goth

Friends Electric

We played a show in Bristol last week and the DJ played a track by Trophy Wife. Facebook

I was listening to Dutch Uncles who are really good. They have a free tune that i downloaded on Itunes.  We played with them as well just before Xmas and they were really good.

There was a band that we did a remix for last year called Cuba Cuba from Wales and i saw them the other day and they were really good....really good.

Sturle Dagsland

Disorderly House    Gnizzt    Lage Nøst    Frikbit

The Dark Lights

Christa Vi - Christa is a good friend of ours who has an awesome voice and writes great folk / electronica tunes.
Coroner for the Police - We're touring with these Mancunian guys in October. They play some awesome bluesey rawk.
Also should check out The Colours, Foxx on Fire, Vetoes, The Graveltones, Dark Shaft, Free Control, Tall Tales… to name a few.


Magic Man have a great sound and I'm surprised they not much bigger than they are.

Plaitum (yes that’s Plaitum not Platinum), I haven't heard a sound like theirs before and with each song they get better and better + they are from Colchester.

From George: Cathedrals & Cars,    Autoband,     Animal Noise


Gotye, Tall Ships, Bonobo

Alex – A local band to me called ‘Filthy Boy’. They are Peckham boys. They have a real good sound. Also, for a bit of high-energy, check out my mate’s band ‘SKETS’
John – They’ve pretty much already made it but I think ‘Tribes’ are good.
Alfie – ‘The History Of Apple Pie’. I love their bass player.

Ben – Dan Fatel has a new band called ‘Cut’.


They're released two albums already, but I can't believe We Were Promised Jetpacks aren't huge. We saw them at the Bodega in December, supported by Lets Buy Hapiness (also very impressive) and they were incredible. On a newer note, I'm a big fan of what I've heard from Friends so far. Finally, one of my favourite albums of 2011 was 936 by Peaking Lights, so I'll have to include them.


Where we come from there is no scene whatsoever, in my opinion anyway so music like ours is like impossible to get out other than facebook. But our good friends bands like SLAVES are really great! new demo released, a solo artist named Es Muss Sein, she's a good friend of ours and is definitely going places! Also Sincerity are sick! Nice and heavy metalcore all from our town!