Gaolers Daughter & Turnpike Glow @ The Bull & Gate 18.10.12

Support for Gaolers Dauhter gat this Oxjam gig came from Turnpike Glow who are a quartet from Italy and England.  My immediate first impressions were that Turnpike Glow had a good sound and presence on stage with all of them providing equal contributions to their stage dynamic.

They had a couple of stand out tunes that didnt require a second listen to embed themselves comfortably.  The Turn, The Pike and The Glow is a very catchy up beat indie pop song with energetic vocals from the Italian side of the band Sandro Schiena and Giuseppe Le Mela     They closed their set with a thumper of a song called 1986, which we featured in our playlist back in June this year

They originally formed in Rome and relocated to London after playing some high profile gigs and festivals. They combine layered vocals with harmonies and 1986 has a crazy hook line that won't let you go for days. This with some good use of humble humour mad for a good all round gig experience.

Whenever I see a new band I am always wandering if they are the type of band and have the quality to play at a Future Sound Share night. I spoke to Tom from the band afterwards and a few emails later they are playing at our December gig.

We had Gaolers Daughter play at our February showcase gig and I had been meaning to try and get to see them again.  I spoke to Ben who is the manager and drummer from the band beforehand and it sounds like there are exciting times ahead with a pending album and meetings happening with record labels. They have a collection of 19 songs which have all been remixed by a member of Stanton Warriors. Ben seemed very excited about what they have produced but said the only problem they had was deciding which ones would make the album. It seems that they all have differing opinions on this and trying to widdle it down. Future Sound Share have been given the opportunity to offer up our own best album tracks which I will look forward to doing on the weekend.

Gaolers Daughter have this stance about them when they take to the stage in a way that seems to suggest that they are good at what they do. I have seen them before so I know this and all it does is confirm to me that they are getting better. It was my friends reaction that was more telling, as they immediately recognised that they were that little bit different.

Their stand out songs for me were When We Were Young, St Peter and How Do You Know which got the crowd dancing.

There was a good confident swagger about their performance that was great to see. Also warm and engaging without arrogance which is a big positive. John the lead singer graciously thanked the audience after each song and on several occasions for making it out to a charity night to see them.