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We were lucky enough to catch up with Lucy Rose recently, just  as she was setting out for the first few dates of her headline UK tour. We’ve chatted about everything from the tour to ginger-nut biccies and her beloved Morris Minor – have a read and get to know her, then go see her live, yeah!

You’re heading out with your own band for your very own headline tour of the UK this May and June – what are you looking forward to with that?
I’m looking forward to playing regularly with my band and getting comfortable with the set. So far we’ve been doing the odd gigs here and there but it’s good to have a whole month of touring ahead of us.

If there’s one thing you could make happen or see on this tour that would really make you smile, what would it be?
I’m nervous that ever night it’s going to be empty so if there’s people there wanting to hear my music that will make me smile.

If there’s one place you could choose to stop at on this tour, anywhere, where you could take your fans to go and hear you play, where would it be? You could be up a mountain in Wales, busking somewhere, on the Tube…you name it!
I’d like to play a gig in my hometown in a village called Rowington, I’m hoping it will happen one day.

When people see you live the impression a lot of people get is that it’s just going to be you and your guitar, but you seem to stun them with your live band who help really make shows specials and a spectacle, was that something you’d always aimed and hoped to do, or did it just all fall into place by finding the right musicians at the right time?
I’ve always visioned the songs to be bigger than what I can replicate with just me and my guitar. I’m so happy that the band have helped me make this vision a reality. Its a lot of fun now playing the songs how I’ve always wanted to play them.

You’ve been all over the shop touring with Bombay Bicycle Club recently, and it’s clear you’re always having a great time on stage with them(and after all your appearances on their albums you may as well be their fifth member anyway!) but did you have a fun time going out this time knowing that your own tour was just around the corner?
I’ve had the best time touring with Bombay Bicycle Club, it’s been nearly 3 years since I first met them and I’m sad that I can’t tour with them as much anymore. I decided I should give my music a chance and concentrate on it, I’ve been looking forward to this tour but I miss them greatly.

What do you think was the weirdest thing you saw whilst you were out on the road with them?
I saw Rae Morris’s dad crowd surfing in Blackpool which took everyone by surprise but it was incredible.

It’s clearly been a busy year already for you, and you’ve just recently been signed to Columbia Records too – congrats, and we’ve heard you’ve been tucked away recording your debut album too – so how’s it all been going and what can everyone expect?
Yeah, this year feels like it’s been non-stop. I’m so excited the album is nearly finished, and it’s everything I imagine it could be. I’m not sure what people should expect, I think it could be bigger in places than some may imagine, but I’ve kept it very pure and full of character.

Someone once said, ‘write what you would want to perform over and over’, so with that in mind and the fact you’ve just been doing lots of recording, which of your songs do you love to perform the most and why?
I”m loving playing a new song called Lines because it’s the most interesting song, with 4 tempo changes. New songs are always fun to play.

A lot of people know how much your Morris Minor means to you, how is it after the winter and the snow and everything – is it deserving of some nice road trips everywhere this summer?
She had to be fixed a few months ago. She struggled this winter but I’ve just put in a new radiator and fan and she’s running like a dream. I drove to Belgium a couple of summers ago which was so amazing so hopefully we’ll cross the channel again soon.

Now there is a rather splendid brand of Lucy Rose tea you created that is completely sold out – if you could launch another crazy Lucy Rose product that you’ve come up with and you think would be great, what would it be?
I’m thinking about making some Lucy Rose ginger-nut biscuits.

Finally, a nice quick one, what’s your life motto for everyone?
Drink tea and never wear sunglasses.

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