Man Without Country @ White Heat - Madam Jo Jo's - 19.06.12

We have been keeping more than a keen eye out for MWC for over a year now and due to the strength and epic-ness of their songs, they have featured on several of our monthly playlists.

They kicked straight into their set in front of a mainly stand offish crowd, which may have been down to the England v Ukraine Euro 2012 game being on the same night (although we managed both.)  Before long the audience grew slightly and came down towards the dance floor to see more of what this big, melodic synth sound was all about. 

MWC released their debut album just over a week ago, which received good reviews across the board.  I personally am a fan of the big tunes, which have grabbed my attention for so long now and there are enough of them to thump and tickle my ear drums without being diluted by throw away stocking filler tunes.

I saw them impress while supporting M83 back in November and they did the same tonight.  The whole gig felt like one long synth drenched, distorted power melody with big euphoric choruses in King Complex, Puppets and Close Addicts Anonymous.  They finished by hitting us with Inflammable heart which they brought even more to life on an atnopherically lit stage.

It would be great to have them play at our next gig and I will let you know how we get on.

Set List




Clipped Wings

King Complex

Ebb & Flow

Closet Addicts Anonymous

All is Full of Love

Migrating Clay Pigeon

Inflammable Heart