Sebastian Melmoth Interview

When doing this interview with Sebastian Melmoth i kind of knew that i was going to get some interesting answers. We look forward to seeing them take the stage at our next gig 

-Can you let us know about your creative process you go through when making your music?

We tend to link our songs thematically, according to lyrical, musical and/or philosophical concepts. Simplicity and improvisation are key tools. If something becomes too complicated, it loses its vitality. Usually, we jam out an idea, and if it seems interesting we keep working on it for a for a while until it feels right. If we get bored with something, we drop it. Lyrics are often written independently from the music in short bursts of rhythmic creativity which manifest themselves during sleepless nights.

-What artists and genres have you taken influence or inspiration from to create your sound?

It would be dishonest to say that we listen to everything, because unfortunately, that is just impossible. We try to absorb as much diversity as possible. 1960s garage psych bands are always on the turn table, so is the current North American psych scene (Black Angels, High Wolf, BJM, Preeteen Zenith, Holy Wave, Moon Duo/Wooden Shjips et al). The Telescopes and One Unique Signal have recently descended from the heavens and revealed to us the idea that Noise is beautiful and has a diverse palette worthy of further exploration. Resonance FM is always broadcasting some interesting sound art or field recordings. Afrobeat, Post Rock, Shoegaze, Krautrock Post Punk, Drone, Trip Hop - anything and everything with a bit of intelligence.

-What can we expect to see from your live show?

Three fools dancing to a pre-recorded drum pattern.


The Mayans certainly are correct, it is bound to be a great party. Zombie Fela Kuti will start things off with a riotous, Bacchanalian trip into our collective ancestry, allowing us to drink and reflect in equal measure without getting too sad about the end of days. He will be followed by Scott Walker and his orchestra of disaster, who will perform The Drift in its entirety - sending anyone of an unstable nature over the cliff edge prematurely. Lastly, the night will be topped off by the melancholic prophesies of God Speed You! Black Emperor. We will all be a little bit haggard by that time, so we'll sit down, have a smoke and see in the cataclysmic sunrise with air of calm reserve, having come to the conclusion that it was actually a pretty good ride while it lasted.

-Ok so the world has come to an abrupt end and we are all unfortunately dead. On the plus side you now have the opportunity to meet anyone that has ever existed as they are all chilling with you In musical heaven. Now that you have this wonderful opportunity, who would you like to meet first and what music would you want to introduce to them.

I would like to meet Kurt Cobain so that I could punch him in the face for being such a miserable sod. After that I will go to the heaven bar to have a few drinks with Jim Morrison and discuss the application of shamanic ritual in contemporary art. I assume, this being musical heaven, that all the dead bluesmen will be having an impromptu jam on stage, which will create a great atmosphere. But I wouldn't be so crass as to think that I could teach or introduce my new dead friends to anything. I will be there to listen and take notes.

-Do you have any pre gig rituals or any processes before a gig to prepare or help shake off the nerves

We drink heavily so that we can forget that we exist.

-There is also the chance that if the Mayans will be wrong about their prediction and we may be all lucky enough to still be breathing come the end of the year. If this is the case what will be your album and song of the year?

I do not particularly enjoy isolating songs from their parent context. I am young, but the digital revolution is quite baffling to me and I fear that it is already turning me into a despondent old man, who greedily crouches over his records, quietly rambling to himself something about analogue warmth. Anyway, Scott Walker's Bish Bosch is pretty good, Tosta Mista by Hooded Fang I thoroughly enjoyed, Liars' WIXIW is finally growing on me (as I had hoped it would), and Crystal Castles' (III) has proved itself to be a nice addition to my collection.

-As I have you in this frame of mind; what are your bands to watch for the coming year?

Watch out for Blue Angel Lounge, Black Market Karma and Dead Rabbits.

-Can you let us know something quirky about your band (This will go on your FSS profile page).

After a gig goes tremendously well, we celebrate by having a sado-masochistic orgy. There are no safe words and I usually take on the role of the gimp.

-This is the part where I ask you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that i hadn't even thought of yet...

Tomorrow, fight to kind collapse this fashion of broaden letters?