Spotlight Kid @ Shacklewell Arms 24.10.12

I had been looking forward to seeing Spotlight Kid for a while since falling head over heels for theor album Disaster Tourist.  If I could run off into the sunset with any album, this would have to be it (If I was that way inclined)  They are a 6 piece from Nottingham conceived by former Six By Seven drummer Chris Davis. (Chris Davis, Karl Skivington, Chris Moore, Rob Mcleary, Matt Holt and Katty Heath) draw their influences from My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, Lush and Swervedriver.
They were playing in the Shacklewell Arms which is becoming a favourite on the circuit for new and emerging artists playing in London
There is a lot going on with their sound with fuzzy distorted guitars, counter balanced perfectly with Katty’s soothing vocals.  Their music has depth that took me away to a lovely place and every now again I would return and realise i was dancing in front of a colourful stage.  They used bright and colourful visuals to great effect that complimented their music well.  This was used to similar effect in their video to “Creeps” which must have followed them to the live stage

They oozed enthusiasm on stage and for every reason described above, I would love to have them play at a Future Sound Share gig
The are re- releasing their debut album with 5 bonus tracks shortly in the US and soon after everywhere else.  You can pre order from Saint Marie Records here

You can also check out the post gig interview here where the talk about new material and providing helps and tips to new bands.