Spotlight Kid Interview

Spotlight Kid have become a big favourite of ours at FSS and we cant rave about them enough.  You can read a review we did recently of their gig at The Shacklewell Arms in London here

If you like the sounds from the early nineties (Swervedriver, Lush, Belly etc) but with a current feel then you should love Spotlight Kid.

You can check out their video to "Creeps" and "Plan Comes Apart" below

-What artists and genres have you taken influence or inspiration from to create your sound?

The influences always seem to come from a million different places, we never want to fall into a genre rut that suffocates the bands appeal. I always want to write pop songs but then wrap them up in a sonic blanket of noise just so the listener doesn't get too comfortable

-Who is involved in writing the songs and is there a typical process?
I usually present the band with a fairly complete demo and we tear it apart and put it back together as a band. The vocals always seem to be added after the music which is always the hardest thing to do.

-What is your favourite venue to play in and attend?
Favourite gig venue for us has probably been a party we played the night before playing Glastonbury at the Bodega in Nottingham. Crap sound in there but always a messy one.

-I really liked the projected visuals live on stage and saw similar footage in the video to "Creeps."  What is the song about and do the visuals have any meaning or just look good?
Creeps was written in response to this terrible coalition and the state of the towns and cities that we see when we tour around country. We wanted an 80's feel to the video with a VHS quality and empty streets with nothing going on in them just endless street lights and subways.

-What have been your biggest obstacles to date?
When you've got six members in the band, two of them live elsewhere and one lives in another country then everything from rehearsing to recording is a massive obstacle, but if Pavement could do it then we can and do!

-Are there any plans to follow up Disaster Tourist in the near future?
New album is almost written and we will release next year on US label Saint Marie Records

-If you could go on tour and support any band right now, who would it be?
I like what DIIV are doing at the moment. Would always love to support Broken Social Scene.

-What advice would you give new artists? 

·        How to get gigs
Getting gigs is something you have to do yourself at the start but if you can prove to local promoters that you are committed to what you do then you'll find you'll be asked back and this time they may even pay you.
Conquering your local area, town or city is important as it can inspire you to go further afield. Going back to the same cities every two months and chipping away you will see results.

·        Recording
We always demo tracks in our own studio and iron out all the parts, get the arrangement right and see if we are going wrong anywhere then we go into a bigger studio and record it properly. This will save you time and money and you won't have any nasty surprises when you go into a proper studio.

·        Making videos
Videos are important as often people first port of call when they want go check out a band is YouTube
We are always filming gigs, rehearsals and any studios we go to as we can always use the footage for promos.

-Name 3 up and coming bands that people should be checking out?
Three bands worth a listen from Nottingham:
-Kappa Gamma
-I Am Lono
-Grey Hairs

-If i asked you to provide a nonsensical response to a question that i hadn't even thought of yet, what would your answer be?
10,000 hours