Tsars @ Cafe 1001 29.05.12

Tsars are a band which seem to have good solid foundations which leads me to think they have every opportunity of making some waves within the industry.  


Over the past year they have been refining their sound, stage presence and more recently their haircuts, all to good effect I might add. 


They played tonight to a decent crowd for a hot and humid Tuesday night in London. They told me before the gig that they were keen to impress, as they were not happy with their performance the previous night where things didn't quite click and the sound didn't help matters. Well tonight there didn't seem to be any cracks, sound system was great and they played together as one on the stage with deserved confidence.


We had them play at our first showcase gig and they received awesome feedback and gained many fans and tonight should be much the same.


The favourites stood out again tonight with Hard Times Ahead and of course Whispers which was in our top 10 tunes of 2011.  It starts of frenetically and then eases into a wholesome Ballard.  Don't get me wrong though as the other tunes like “Coma” certainaly idn't shy away


Tsars are very good value and I recommend you get down to see them if you get the chance.


This is some footage we took at the gig – Tsars “Harsh Time Ahead”


 Make sure you check out their “Whispers” EP